13 Restaurants and Services with Free Delivery In London

Free Delivery in London

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Many times when you get home from a long day at work or school you don't feel up to going out and running errands, or cooking a meal. But that doesn't mean you should pay a high price for the convenience of staying in and having things delivered.

We have compiled a list of 13 places that will deliver for free just for these occasions. Everything from Italian Food to a replacement for your pets squeak toy can be delivered for free. Enjoy!

1. Italo - Italian Restaurant
Free delivery on orders over £15 wtihin a 2 mile radius.

"The little shop is delightful and serves fantastic home-made bread, coffee, sandwiches and a gourmet selection of luxury imported italian delhi items." - Monica R.

2. Mezza Express - Middle Eastern Restaurant

"When the price is right, the location is convenient, and the service is not only exceptionally kind, but "authentic" enough to misspell "Main Coarse" on their menu, you know it's gonna be good. And goooooood it was!" - Laura N, London

3. Green Jade - Chinese Restaurant Free delivery on orders over £12.

"The vegi duck was surprisingly good and when you wrap it in the pancakes and apply the hoi sin sauce, cucumber and spring onion you would never know the difference. Great! I will order from here again." - Jill A., London

4. Star Kebab House - Restaurant Free delivery after 7 pm for orders over £10.

"I found this place about 6 years ago when I was living in London. The Doner Kebab is the best I have ever had!!!!" - Heather S., Walnut Creek, CA

5. Sato Restaurant - Asian Restaurant Free delivery over £15.

"Very decent prices, food is fresh and good quality" - Lucia H., London

6. China Garden - Chinese Restaurant Free delivery with a minimum purchase.

"The food is also good quality with my staples being lemon/orange duck, salt pepper squid, wonton soup and crispy beef.They deliver promptly and warn you over the phone when you order if there's a rush on." - Yee Gan, London

7. City Pizza - Pizza Restaurant

"You can definitely do worse than City Pizza, which is reasonable value for money and tasty enough." - Katie A., London

8. City Dry Cleaners - Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Free delivery and pick up for jobs over £20.

"There service is quick and therefore you can get it back after 2 days." -Viviane, London

9. Silk Society - Silk Delivery Service Free delivery on large orders.

"The atmosphere is exactly what you'd imagine the Silk Society to be... very luxurious and decadent, and they carry a myriad of silk and silk chiffons and antique silks... all rather traditional, I don't think they carry any silks with Lycra." -Whitney N., London

10. Dreamland Beds - Bed Delivery Service Free delivery if you are willing to wait a few days for your bed.

"It's a fantastic furniture store in the Tooting area, with lots of specials on bedroom units and mattresses, stylish computer stands and living room furniture. They had a really cool series of bunk beds and sleeper couches too." - Stellio, London

11. Majestic Wine Warehouses - Alcohol Delivery Service Free delivery to mainland UK.

"Remember though: if it's pure variety and a free delivery you're after, Majestic is the place to call." - Stellio, London

12. Hackney Furniture - Furniture Delivery Service Free delivery within a 3 mile radius.

"If you have the patience to look and have very little budget- -this is a good place to pop into from time to time." - Michelle L, London

13. K9 Capers Kingston - Pet Delivery Service Free delivery of pet supplies to Kingston, Surbition, and New Malden.

All reviews were provided by Yelp.co.uk.

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