Blog Feed Title Blog Feed Description noindex, follow 2018-04-21T23:10:28+00:00 text/html 2011-12-02T13:14:47+00:00 <p><img src="" alt="Free Delivery Day in the United Kingdom" /></p> <p>Get out your pens and agendas shoppers: It&rsquo;s time to put a big red circle around Dec. 9 as that&rsquo;s when <a href="" target="_blank">Free Delivery Day</a> hops the pond and becomes a U.K. shopping institution.<br /><br />With more than 90 retailers already registered for participation, the one-day event allows procrastinating U.K. consumers a last-chance opportunity to shop online and receive free delivery with receipt by Christmas Eve.<br /><br />Free Delivery Day is sponsored by the founders of America&rsquo;s Free Shipping Day, now celebrating its fourth year. The 2010 event was an unbounded success, with $942 million spent across the Internet in just one day -- an increase of nearly 60% over 2009. This year&rsquo;s Free Shipping Day, scheduled for Dec. 16, will allow shoppers in the U.S. to order from more than 2,000 merchants offering free shipping and delivery by Christmas Eve.<br /><br />The shopping holiday will bring U.K. shoppers the same holiday savings as enjoyed by their U.S. counterparts, in the form of Free Delivery Day.<br /><br />Both events are the creation of Luke Knowles, who also founded, and more than a dozen other frugality-related websites. In 2008, Knowles and his start-up staff organized the initial event in just two hectic weeks, after realizing merchants would rejoice in the opportunity to extend holiday deadlines for online shopping.<br /><br />The young entrepreneur understood procrastinating consumers would also appreciate the chance to shop online closer to the holidays without facing down sale-mad crowds. <br /><br />Media response also has been beyond brilliant, with national and regional journalists hopping on the trend-setting story en masse.</p> Free Delivery Day Comes to the U.K. on Dec. 9 text/html 2010-02-04T20:46:15+00:00 <p><img src="" alt="Free Delivery in London" width="435" height="295" /><br /><br />Many times when you get home from a long day at work or school you don't feel up to going out and running errands, or cooking a meal. But that doesn't mean you should pay a high price for the convenience of staying in and having things delivered. <br /><br />We have compiled a list of 13 places that will deliver for free just for these occasions. Everything from Italian Food to a replacement for your pets squeak toy can be delivered for free. Enjoy!</p> 13 Restaurants and Services with Free Delivery In London